Enjoy a reward for your purchases

Up to 15.- off for every 200.- spent on our website.

At OPI Switzerland, we reward your loyalty from your first purchase.

You can choose to generate a voucher of 5.-, 10.- or 15.- to be used on your next purchase, as soon as you have accumulated 20'000 points – which corresponds to a total of 200.- spent on our site.

Check your loyalty account to see the total of your accumulated, available points.

As soon as you have at least 20'000 available bonus points, you can decide to convert these points into vouchers of 5.-, 10.- or 15.- or continue to accumulate even more points!

1 CHF = 100 points

Which means a product that costs 19.90 CHF will give you 1'900 points.

Enjoy your shopping at www.opiswiss.ch !

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