OPI Furniture & counters

Discover our OPI furniture in Switzerland

The So Be Cosmetics OPI furniture are designed locally with the greatest care in order to help you promote the brand in the best way in your company.

Would you like to renew your OPI furniture, value the brand even more or increase your assortment of resale products and maximise your turnover?

Our team is at your entire disposal to support you and your project.

Please contact your usual OPI Sales Consultant who will assist you with great pleasure:

Suzi Korpar
Telephone: 079 785 53 43
E-mail: suzi.korpar@sobe.ch

Ayse Kuschyk
Telephone: 079 956 93 88
E-mail: ayse.kuschyk@sobe.ch

Laurie Capitan
Telephone: 079 730 18 99
E-mail: laurie.capitan@sobe.ch

Isa Nunes
Telephone: 079 748 53 16
E-mail: isa.nunes@sobe.ch

Sabrina Durante
Telephone: 079 102 28 03
E-mail: sabrina.durante@sobe.ch

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