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Which OPI nail polish meets my needs?

Which OPI nail polish meets my needs?

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Whether you like to change your nail polish color often, whether you are a fan of natural origin and vegan lacquers, of long-wear polishes or of pure nail gel, OPI offers different color lines, meeting everyone's needs!

Discover our four different product lines below and click on the one that suits you best to shop the many colors available.

Nail Lacquer

OPI Nail Lacquer is the classic nail polish system since 1989.

OPI Nail Lacquer is available in a multitude of shades and can be easily recognized by its black cap.

  Discover the Nail Lacquer shades.

Nature Strong

OPI Nature Strong is the natural origin and vegan nail polish system offering highly pigmented colors without any GMO (genetically modified organisms).

OPI Nature Strong can be easily recognized by its matte white cap.

  Discover the Nature Strong shades.

Infinite Shine

OPI Infinite Shine is the long-wear nail polish system offering a gel effect with high shine in a multitude of colors.

No LED/UV lamp is needed as the product air dries.

OPI Infinite Shine can be easily recognized by its silver cap.

  Discover the Infinite Shine shades.


OPI GelColor is the pure gel system using LED technology to deliver a perfect high shine, long-lasting professional manicure and pedicure.

OPI GelColor is a product for professional use only.

Professional partners offering OPI GelColor service can be found here.

  You want to learn more about GelColor ? 

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