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OPI GelColor: gel nail polish

OPI GelColor: gel nail polish

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OPI GelColor gel nail polish features LED technology for a perfect, long-lasting professional manicure and pedicure in just 30 minutes.

GelColor is available in over 200 shades and offers unmatched hold and shine.

Gel nail polish is for professional use only. You can find an authorized partner with OPI GelColor professional hand and/or foot beauty service here.


You want to remove your GelColor application yourself at home without damaging your nails?

Check out our GelColor Removal Kit and follow the instructions of the following tutorial:

1. Soak an Expert Touch Removal Wrap in Expert Touch Lacquer Remover.

2. Wrap each finger with a soaked Expert Touch Removal Wrap.

3. Check the first nail after 15 minutes. To remove the Expert Touch Removal Wrap, rotate it by pressing lightly with your thumb, as if rubbing the nail, then gently pull it forward.

4. If necessary, re-wrap the finger with the wrap and leave on for another 5 minutes.

5. Gently push away any GelColor residue with the Reusable Cuticle Stick or any cuticle remover.

6. Result: You will have healthy, preserved natural nails, ready for a new nail styling.

WARNING: never remove GelColor with metal tools or an electric file.

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