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Big Zodiac Energy Collection

Big Zodiac Energy Collection

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With enchanting shades that are off the charts, the new OPI Big Zodiac Energy Collection for Fall 2023-2024 offers a colorscope of hues channeling earth, air, fire, and water tones. Featuring a palette of 12 elemental hues with one-of-a-kind pearls, celestial shimmers, and even a holographic effect, these multidimensional shades will make nails glisten from hand to toe. Mesmerizing sage, mint, and gold capture Earth signs’ tranquil nature, while water signs make a splash with a dreamy baby blue, cobalt, and holographic silver. Fire signs light the way with a fierce red, burgundy, and gold, while air signs give off pearlescent white, navy blue, and violet.

OPI has partnered with astrology app Sanctuary to develop horoscopes for each shade in the Big Zodiac Energy Collection. Astrologically, each color has a different meaning. Each zodiac sign is associated with a specific color that reflects its personality traits and energies. Consumers can choose a shade based on the zodiac season or their personal connection to the cosmos. In support of the Big Zodiac Energy Collection, Sanctuary’s color horoscopes will be paired with custom content on their social media channels to help consumers connect to the shades that speak to the season or their stars. More information here.

Earth signs

Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, these signs are as earth-shattering as the associated shades: Virgoals in a pearlescent bronze finish that underlines perfection, Taurus-t Me the most faithful of shimmering mint greens, while Feelin' Capricorn-y has a sage green effect.

Air signs

Intellectual, spontaneous and highly inquisitive, Gemini, Aquarius and Libra are on a roll: Feelin' Libra-ted is a well-balanced shimmering violet, Gemini and I is a soft, multi-faceted shimmering white and Aquarius Renegade breaks with the status quo with a pearly navy blue.

Water signs

Calling all Scorpio, Cancer and Pisces, the intense, emotional and sometimes spiritual signs of the zodiac: Scorpio Seduction is a mysterious iridescent cobalt, I Cancer-tainly Shine is an intuition-filled holographic silver varnish polish, and Pisces the Future is a spiritual pearly light blue varnish polish.

Fire signs

Passionate, courageous and impulsive (in a good way, of course) characterize Aries, Leo and Sagittarius: Kiss My Aries is a shimmering red, which, like Aries, has no restraint, The Leo-nly One is a bold iridescent gold that will attract even more looks on all Leo signs, and Big Sagittarius Energy is a pearly burgundy polish exuding pure energy.

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